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We empower our teachers to educate your students.

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Our diverse team of teachers come from various vocational and collegiate backgrounds, and they bring a wealth of experience to the classroom. Most importantly, prior to being placed in the classroom setting, our educators need to pass all mandatory requirements for the safety of our youth and participate in the programs outlined for child protection and mandatory reporting. Prior to the school year, our teachers attend a multi-day workshop. This allows for collaboration and intensive learning. Monthly, our Director of STEM and Curriculum meets with the teachers, individually.

She observes the teachers and provides opportunities for feedback and growth. Whole-group training occurs monthly, as it pertains to classroom management, grading and report cards, evolving curriculum needs and innovative ways to educate their students. This open forum allows for discussion and collaboration.

Educator Spotlight

Richard, one of our teachers in Virginia has a college degree in computer science. His background, prior to ETP, includes STEM summer camps. He enjoys the use of robotics in the classroom and supervising after-school robotics and technology clubs. Goals he has for his

students are to try new experiences and be willing to take risks. Something interesting about Richard is that he picks up other languages easily.

Women's History Month

Did you know that more than 10,000 women served as cryptographers (code makers) and cryptanalysts (code breakers) during World War II? The Code Girls worked in secrecy for the United States Military during World War II. At that time, young females who excelled in mathematics and world languages were sought after by the US government.

These leaders, in what we refer to as STEM, intercepted about 30,000 Japanese Navy water-transport messages each month. One in particular, Virginia Dare Aderholdt decrypted the Japanese surrender message.

March Newsletter
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