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September Newsletter '23

Aviation - Then and Now

In 1939 Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who issued a presidential proclamation which designated the anniversary of Orville Wright's birthday, created National Aviation Day. This holiday is celebrated each year in August.

Our teachers utilizes our Aviation Science module to educate their students on the history of flight exploring flight endeavors and inventions prior to the time of Orville Wright. In this

module, students learn about the aerodynamics of flight and the various models that began the fascination of flying. This module is a great precursor to the module that uses one of our newest additions, Robomaster TT Drones. Students learn to code while enhancing their knowledge and practice of STEM.


Back to School

We start the school year with enthusiasm and excitement. Our classrooms are ready, and our teachers prepared for another momentous year. In August, Roman Catholic High School hosted us for our annual Summer Academy. This is a unique opportunity for our entire staff to get together under one roof for intensive learning and collaboration. We focus on classroom

management, learning styles, cooperative grouping, project-based learning, instilling STEM career study, digital citizenship, incorporating cross-curricular concepts, collaborating with other educators to incorporate technology and numerous other topics. During September, students will learn about digital citizenship. These age-appropriate, standards-based lessons stem from Teachers focus on critical concepts such as media balance, digital footprints, cyberbullying, appropriate digital communication, and online privacy.


Educator Spotlight

James Vishio teaches at St. Teresa of Calcutta in Schwenksville,

PA. He attended ITT Technical Institute in

2007 and graduated with an associate’s degree in Computer Networking and Programming. When one observes James in the classroom setting and collaborating with his peers and administration, it is clearly evident that he enjoys

the teaching aspect and interactions with the students. James has big aspirations for his students. He desires to curate curiosity in technology, assist them in reaching their personal

goals and help them to instill a strong work ethic. While in the classroom, he interacts with the Epson projector whiteboard by drawing, mapping out and listing his thoughts while doing lessons. When others interact with James, they are surprised by how quickly he learns and figures out challenges and obstacles. These are skills he passes along to his students. In

his free time, James spends time with his wife and family camping, hiking, surfing and deep-sea fishing, as well as disc golf.

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