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May Newsletter '24

Updated: May 21

Teacher Appreciation Week

During the week of Monday, May 6th, through Friday, May 10th, teachers all over the United States were celebrated and appreciated. We are beyond grateful for all of our ETP teachers! Without you, our quality STEM education would not be possible. Thank you teachers for everything you do, you make the world a better place every day.


Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

In honor of AAPI Heritage Month, we have gathered a few notable Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islanders who have influenced the STEM field.

Ajay Bhatt

Bhatt developed Universal Series Bus (USB) technology. The invention came to be when his wife wanted to print materials for their child, but there was not a good universal system to connect to different computers at the time. He pitched the USB to Intel where he ended up joining their team as a Senior Staff Architect. He has also worked on several other computer-related technologies.

Narinder S. Kapany

Kapany was an Indian American physicist whose research led him to be known as the "Father of Fiber Optics." He is credited as first using the term 'fiber optics' in 1960. His research on optics was important for the development of modern communications.

Peter Tsai

Tsai is a Taiwanese American materials scientist who invented the fabric used in the filters of N95 masks. (These masks were widely used during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Steven Shih Chen

In February 2005, three former employees of Paypal, including Steven Shih Chen, bought the domain, which eventually became the multi-billion-dollar video-sharing platform we all know and use today. The creators saw that there was huge potential in making a website where any user could easily upload, publish and watch videos. Chen served as YouTube’s first chief technology officer, ensuring that users did not run into issues when uploading and streaming videos.


Educator Spotlight

Patrice Booth

Patrice Booth is a graphic design connoisseur with a passion for technology, teaching, and theology. Her combined teaching and graphic design experience allow her to effectively and graciously fill the role of Technology Specialist and Instructor with ETP. Patrice's favorite topics to teach in her STEM classroom are digital citizenship and application design. She also greatly enjoys developing relationships with her students and colleagues. Outside of work, Patrice enjoys paddle boarding, making clothes, and dancing. St. Anthony of Padua School is extremely lucky to have her!

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