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Girls and Women in STEM

  • February 11th is International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

  • On this day, globally, women and girls are advocated for equal access to and participation in science

  • Women and girls play a critical role in the STEM communities. Their participation should be strengthened.

  • If you would like to learn more about how women have impacted science, please pick up this book at your favorite bookstore. Women in Science


Black History Month

Kather Johnson was born in West Virginia on August 26, 1918. She has always excelled in math. She worked hard as she grew up to master Geometry and Algebra. Her hard ef

fort enabled her to begin high school at the age of 10. She completed her bachelor's degree at the age of 18 after graduating from high school at the age of 15. With that expertise, she was hired by NASA in 1952 as the "human computer" for working out the difficult calculations for astronauts Alan B. Shepard, Jr., John Glenn, and the notorious Apollo 11 Neil Armstong journey to the moon. She lived a full and prosperous 101 years. Her contribution to STEM is still highly regarded.

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