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Congratulations! Our Founder, Lucas Ostrowski, has been nominated and selected as a Greater Philadelphia Innovation Award Finalist in the EDUCATION ENTREPRENEURSHIP - INNOVATION DURING COVID-19. Innovative ideas formed from the realities of COVID-19 and its impact on education category as a true recognition of your hard work and dedication to the social innovation and entrepreneurship field. We received over 120 nominations which were narrowed down to 57 finalists.

These awards honor our region’s most passionate social innovators, entrepreneurs and changemakers whose work and social impact too often goes unacknowledged, yet their efforts are what makes our communities a thriving region of innovation and opportunity.

The theme of the awards, “Achieving a More Just Society,” recognizes organic leadership who re-envision the challenges that communities face and find innovative solutions to reshape communities. Social Innovators create change through innovative programs, policies, and by revolutionizing realities to bring us all forward to a more equitable and inclusive tomorrow -- today.

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